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Over30Clan Minecraft Project Ozone 3 Setup Guide

This guide will explain the full setup process for installing all the mods necessary to connect to the Official - Members Only - Project Ozone 3 Minecraft Server. Disclaimer: We will explain the detailed process using Twitch which has a Minecraft Mod Loading Feature. There are other ways to install the required mod pack but... Continue Reading →

Star Wars Squadron’s Review. Game demo turned best EA Star Wars Experience?

The game is a relatively below the radar release and priced as a Double A title game, or a triple A title with a massive lootbox revenue stream, we will see. I believe this was original developed as a game demo, hashed out just enough of the in game elements to see how it would fair with fans. All the final touches and detail are reserved for the in game elements, everything that is not directly part of the game experience is rough, not fully hashed out and feels a bit cheap, but that's ok. Here's why.

Sound BlasterX G6 Review

As gamers we want the best experience while playing games. Whether it’s on PC, console, or shall I dare say it, mobile. We are willing to put a lot of our hard earned money on the best GPU, keyboard and monitor. Our eyes and hands are delighted cause of it. But when it comes to audio, do we shaft ourselves? Does our audio lag behind our visuals in terms of quality and experience?

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