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Gigabyte K83 Keyboard

Product Name: Gigabyte 
Website: See It Here!
But It Here: Get It Here!
How did I receive the Product?: Personal Purchase
Cost: $39.99 

Mechanical keyboards often appear to be a niche peripheral of computer components. There are plenty of users/enthusiasts that swear by mechanical keyboards. Up until recently, I never took keyboards too seriously. I used a Logitech G110 for many years at work (design engineer). I never got the keyboard for it’s typing feel or sound. I only got it for it’s extra macro keys. When I had a chance to pick up Logitech G710+ Brown for a really good price, I decided to give mechanical keyboards a try. Since then, I never looked back. The feel of the keyboard, gaming or otherwise, was just way too good to consider using another membrane keyboard. Currently, I am using a standard membrane keyboard at work and my fingers are just begging for a true mechanical board while I am working.

This is where the Gigabyte K83 comes in. While looking for a new work keyboard, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a keyboard. Less than $100, or better yet, less than $50. No fancy RGB or ‘gaming’ design. This is for the work environment. Styling needs to be clean, simple, and RGB lighting is pointless in a work environment. Many mechanical keyboards come with some type of back lighting, whether white, blue, or just red. The lack of back lighting is painfully missed in low light conditions. Plain looking keyboards are plentiful but turned out to be expensive (looking at you Das Keyboard). Low cost keyboards try to awe you with visuals more than switch quality. I wanted something that felt great, somewhat quiet, and wasn’t flashy.


The Gigabyte K83 fits the bill quite well. The keyboard is very basic looking. From a distance, the keyboard looks like a generic Dell keyboard from the 90’s. This is either a good thing or bad, depending on your goal. For my scenario, fitting in the office is where it’s at. The keyboard is heavy, especially for it’s looks. Feels solid, like most mechanical keyboards do. The top plate is metal, bolted to the lower frame with Torx screws. The bottom and sides are a high quality plastic. There is non-slick feet on the back that raise the keyboard to a normal angle. There is no wrist rest, which could make it uncomfortable for some. That missing feature is probably the keyboards biggest downfall.


Typing experience is rather good. The keyboard is equipped with Cherry MX Red switches. For an overview of the difference switch types, go here. The actuation force is advertised as 45g. Which basically means the keys actuate really fast compared to the ‘clicky’ blue switches. They are also quieter than the blue switches but they are louder than brown switches. With some practice, I am able to type faster with the K83 than my brown switch equipped G710+. The keys are noticeably louder on the K83 as well. For gaming, the keys move quickly and seem suited best for fast paced games, like FPS games. Overall the typing experience is quite pleasing.

Additional Features

While the keyboards design is plain, Gigabyte still added function shortcut keys for common tasks. Volume adjustments, media controls, mail, task manager, and calculator shortcuts are present. Windows lock key is also located next to the function key. The simple design also helps keep the keyboard small which would do well for tight spaces and small desks.

Final Thoughts

Despite all of the great features of this keyboard and it’s simple design, the main reason I decided to give this keyboard a try was it’s price. At the time of writing, this keyboard was going for $39.99 at Amazon and Newegg. I’ve seen this keyboard for $39.99 a few times now. Newegg shows the standard price of $79.99, which I believe is a little too expensive for a simple keyboard. Though, it’s biggest value adder is the fact that it does have Cherry switches and not a generic brand. For $40, this keyboard is hard to beat value wise. At this price point, you’re only missing back lighting (RGB for some). Then again, for office use, Cherry switches has more value than back lighting. This keyboard is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money to try a mechanical keyboard (especially Cherry Red switch) and for someone like me who is looking for fast and quiet mechanical keyboard for office use.


  • Fast and accurate typing
  • Great for gaming
  • Quieter than blue switches
  • Plain design good for office environment
  • Low price when on sale


  • No back lighting
  • Plain design (for some)
  • No wrist rest included

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