Cyberlink PowerDirector 18 Review

Platform: PC
How was the Software received?: Received free copy from Cyberlink for review
Release Date:  August 17th 2019
Reviewed Version: PowerDirector 18 Ultimate
Cost: 30-Day Free Trial or $99.99USD – $129.99USD
Where to buy it: Cyberlink Website

Knot’s PC Specs 
Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Six-Core Processor 3.20 GHz
Graphics:  MSi Radeon RX 470 Gaming X 4G-R
Monitor: 23inch Acer


Power Director 18 is a video editing software where you can cut, edit, add vocal tracks, special effects, titles and overlaying filters, and more within the wonderful world of video editing.


Like with all video editing software you have a place for all your media, player window preview clips and whatever you place within your video timeline.

Director Zone

When you begin playing with PowerDirector 18 the base features, effects, soundclips etc. will already be within the program.

The DirectorZone, viewable here, is a website where with purchase of PowerDirector 18, will give you accessibility to bucket loads of visual/audio assets by simply downloading them from the DirectorZone website.  Animated blending filters that are used primarily in videos to give it dynamic old school film effects.

Moving video collage themes, if you’re looking to make a music themed photo montage say for anniversary or high school reunion imagery.

There is also a large collection of video transitions, viewable here.

There is also a collection of picture-in-picture images.

Express Projects

Express Projects gives you a base theme to work into your own project.
A nice feature to be sure, and can also be used to figure out how to make similar settings/themes in the future, on your own, as you progress in your figuring out how to make videos. That’s the overall gist of DirectorZone assets library, viewable here. Lets get into PowerDirector 18’s main features.


Effects can be added to your video (which can be easily edited to suit the vids needs) and you can preview them before adding to your vid timeline.


Transitions, examples viewable here, are effects which blend one video clip to another. PowerDirector 18 comes with all the standards you’ll need to start and you can also search for more free ones in their aforementioned Director Zone, viewable here.

Picture in Picture – PiP

PiP objects, which are vector images to lay over your existing video, you can make as big or as small as you want without losing image quality. Such as air balloons, arrows and boxes. You can also import your own as long as they fit the standard formats required.

If you can’t seem to find an asset you want or like in Director Zone, you can also import (e.g. explosions, bombs and/or rain) from other sources. 
I used Footage Crate, viewable here, to add the explosion special effect to the Wreckfest Lawnmower footage in my test vid.


You can monitor your entire timelines audio and fiddle around to get it just right.

Background music is also ready for you to download right from the media tab. You get a nice little sample of every song and can also import other music as needs be.

If you want to work with one set of audio tracks you can right-click on said track and a new window will pop up so you can wrestle with it to your hearts content.

You can mess with overall track sounds by right clicking on audio track and choose Audio Editor. Which will bring up this fancy window with all the fancy settings.

Audio Ducking is a nice feature to make background tracks (such as music/sound effects) become quieter so the vocal tracks are heard as the loudest.

It’s pretty nice but sometimes needs manual adjustments which is also pretty easy to do by CTRL + Left click to add audio points (see the white markers in the audio portion) to move up and down to your preference.

Aspect Ratio

You can easily check to see what your video will look like in multiple aspect ratios at any given time during editing.

1:1 for you instagram video makers needing that square ratio.

16:9 which is the standard HD widescreen digital broadcast is a very nice feature to be able to see what you’d have to do to make your video applicable to different aspect ratios.

Finish HimMMMMM

Once you’re done adding all the bells and whistles you are you’re ready to share it to the world at large, you just click over to the Edit tab and begin the process of picking the right settings for your masterpiece.

Whether it’s an MP4 which you can then upload as you will…

…or if you choose to upload directly to Youtube/DailyMotion/Vimeo etc.

…or upload directly to a specific device.

It’s all there, and you can easily choose the settings as you see fit. The world is your oyster.

The speed with which the program renders your videos is impressively fast. This super short 1:1 video I made was completed in 4 seconds.
I extracted the audio from an overwatch match and inserted an image drawn by my fabulous sister Mar Mai, to which I added some special effects.

Whereas the six minute O30C Gaming Montage I created for this review took 4 minutes to render it as an MP4 at 1920 x 1080/24p (16Mbps).
That’s fast.

I was disappointed I couldn’t make gifs directly within PowerDirector 18 itself. It WILL allow me to create still images out of a sequence I want as a gif but to finish making the gif I’d have to use their photo software suite PhotoDirector 10

I have Photoshop to complete creating the gif BUT how awesome-nice would it be to be able to create it all in one application?
Still, it’s not that big of a deal unless you don’t have a photo editing software that has that gif making function.

My Final Test Project of PowerDirector 18

Closing Thoughts

After spending about a weeks worth of time playing with it, I can say that it’s a solid program, that has all the main features, that other video editing software offers, but at a lower initial startup cost.

You can easily make up for that lower cost by purchasing all their additional asset packets, but they do offer a lot of free assets in the online library, so it’s the old saying  “you get what you pay for”. 

Though a lot of the DirectorZone assets felt clunky, there were some good ones in the mix you just had to hunt for them, OR, you can easily import from other source creators, like I did from Footage Crate.

I found that the more I worked with it the more comfortable I got with how things worked. It’s fairly easy to simply drag and drop effects as you will and then just as easily remove them.

PowerDirector 18 also provides video tutorials on how to use the different features, which is great when you can’t remember how to get to that ONE thing.

Overall it’s a solid program with the features you’ll want when starting out making specialized vods of your game streams. 

PowerDirector 18 is really great for beginners to medium leveled editors. Especially if you want to start getting into making game vods.

You can easily edit out “bad” words or speed up boring portions of gameplay, add speech bubbles, zero in on a funny happening, all of that and more can be done within PowerDirector 18. 

If you’re ready to make super professional Hollywood level videos and already know what you’re doing, you’ll probably want to dish out the big bucks for Sony Vegas Pro, but, if you’re just starting out and simply want to dip your toes into the waters of video editing without having to sell a kidney for the opportunity then PowerDirector 18 is THE software to buy.

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  1. Power Director is my go to video software mainly because I’m familiar with it and easy to use. I’ve tried others when all I owned was a generic laptop. Power director seemed to be the only software that my PC could run at the time without crashing. I can contest that it’s very easy to use. Nice review!

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