EZ PZ LEMON SQUEEZY Streamer Backdrop

Want to get into streaming but don’t want people to see your messy room?Do you have family that dance the macarena behind you? Want to spruce up your background without changing your entire house?!

A quick trip to your local hardware/plumbing store, a little elbow grease and you’ll have a quick and easy backdrop that not only solves those unsightly background issues for streaming but that is also easily store-able when not in use.

These measurements bring the final height to 5’5″ tall and 2′ wide, which I find to be tall enough for web camera needs but also the right size to tuck away into a closet or under a bed when you’re not using it.

So without further ado let’s get to business!

What you will need

Roughly $35 USD give or take an old bed-sheet or blanket as your backdrop.

Hacksaw or PVC Pipe Cutter
Measuring Tape

PVC Fittings
(4x) 1″ x 1″ x 1/2″ PVC Reducing Tee
(8x) 1″ PVC 90-Degree Elbow
PVC Pipe
(1x) 1/2″ x 10′ PVC Plain-End Pipe
(2x) 1″ x 10′ PVC Plain-End Pipe

Zip Ties or Velcro Straps
Bed-sheet or fabric slightly larger then the height and width of the frame
Safety Pins


Using your PVC pipe cutter (or hacksaw) cut;

(4x) 37″ long pieces from the 1 inch pipe.
(8x) 24″ long pieces from the 1 inch pipe
(4x) 24 inch long pieces of the 1/2 inch pipe.


Using the diagram above, insert the pieces in the correct order. This is all dry fitting, no glue required, just a lot of brute force to get the pipes into the fittings all nice and tight.

When you’re done you will have two frame structures.

Take your zip ties or Velcro straps and attach the two frames together at the top, middle and bottom of the two frames.

When you’re done the two frames should open and close like a book.

Only thing left is to add your bed-sheet or other fabric and apply with super complex safety pins and place the entire backdrop behind your luxurious gamer chair.

Finished Product

And there you have it! An EZ PZ LEMON SQUEEZY gamer backdrop for all your fantastical streamer needs just like me.

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