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Over30Clan Minecraft Project Ozone 3 Setup Guide

This guide will explain the full setup process for installing all the mods necessary to connect to the Official – Members Only – Project Ozone 3 Minecraft Server.

Disclaimer: We will explain the detailed process using Twitch which has a Minecraft Mod Loading Feature. There are other ways to install the required mod pack but we will not be reviewing those steps here. This guide is, in our opinion, the easiest steps for members who have never setup a mod in Minecraft and designed to get the more basic users of Minecraft up and running quickly.

What you will need to begin:

  • Minecraft Java Edition – Found Here (Server will NOT work with Windows 10 Edition/Bedrock)
  • Twitch Windows Desktop Application – Found Here
  • Be an approved member of the Over 30 Clan. to apply.
  • Minecraft ID Whitelisted in the Minecraft Server requested through #suggestions section in Discord.

What we will cover in this turotial

  • Setting up Project Ozone 3 Mod Pack
  • How to get White Listed on the Over30Clan PO3 Server
  • Brief Explanation of Project Ozone 3 Mod Pack
  • Over 30 Clan PO3 Server Rules

Setting Up Project Ozone 3 Mod Pack

  1. Open Twitch and Navigate to the Mod Section
  1. Click on Minecraft, navigate to Browse Modpacks Tab at the top and use the search bar to search for “Project Ozone 3 A New Way Forward”
  1. Hover over the Project Ozone 3 Modpack in the list, and click install. 256 Mods will now be installed as part of this comprehensive pack.
  1. Navigate back to My Modpacks after completion. You should see Project Ozone 3 A New Way Version x (Please refer to the Minecraft Channel in Discord to confirm the version you have installed is the version we are currently using.
  1. Click on the Project Ozone Picture (Not Play) this will take you to the Modpack page for PO3.
  1. Click the gear on the top right of the screen and select Profile Options. You should see the following page.
  1. We now need to allocate more system memory to Minecraft so the modpack can load correctly. Failing to do this WILL result in the Mod Crashing before fully loading.
  1. Uncheck the box “Use System Memory Settings” this will unlock a slider bar. Increase the memory slider to 8000 MB (give or take). The modpack has a minimum system memory setting of 6000 MB but is recommended not to exceed 8000 MB.

9. Click Okay to save the settings

  1. Under the My Modpacks section, click Play under the Project Ozone 3 Modpack to launch Minecraft and load the Modpack.

FINISHED: You have now successfully setup the Mods for Project Ozone. Move to the White List Section to get White Listed to play on the Over 30 Clan Project Ozone Server.

How to get White Listed using Discord

The Over 30 Clan’s Project Ozone 3 Server is a White Listed Server your Minecraft ID will need to be added to the approved list in order to gain access.

What you will need to begin:

  • Be an approved member of the Over 30 Clan. to apply.
  • Your Minecraft Username and UUID
  1. Get your Minecraft Username. This is found when you launch Minecraft, at the bottom right of the main Minecraft Launcher.
  1. Head over to and enter your Minecraft username. You will then generate your Minecraft UUID “Unique User Identification”
  1. Head over to Discord and find the #suggestions channel. Use command !suggest Please add [Minecraft Username][UUID] to the PO3 Minecraft Server.

4. Once approved you will receive a DM with the approval confirmation. You will now have access to the Over 30 Clan Project Ozone Server.

  1. The Server IP which is private, will be shared on the #Minecraft channel in the Pin Section, make sure you add Minecraft to your game registration list found in #pc-game-registration to see the #Minecraft channel. Here is where it is, without the IP 🙂 The IP is posted in the Discord Channel Pin.
  1. Launch Minecraft via Twitch mods. Click Multiplayer –> Add Server and enter the Server IP in the Server Address Field, click done, then click join the server.

FINISHED: You have now successfully been white listed and logged into the Over 30 Clan Minecraft Server.

Brief Explanation of Project Ozone 3 Mod Pack

Project Ozone 3 is a collection of various Mods, all in one single Mod Pack. Project Ozone 3 expands on the base Minecraft game adding nearly 10x the content. Mods range from adding new craftable items, to making interesting machines and automation to exploring new planets.

There is nothing to say you can’t just login and have a good ol time with the base content of minecraft in the server. Project Ozone 3 just offers the option to dabble or dive into a whole world of content giving you almost endless amounts of things to explore and do.

Project Ozone 3 also includes a built in progression and questing system, this system is designed to slowly introduce the player to the various modpacks and their content and serves as a teaching tool as well as goals to achieve.

So drive in, or don’t, up to you, but the option is there.


  1. All the rules of the Over 30 Clan apply to the Minecraft Server
  2. Greifing IE: The purposeful destruction of peoples stuff will not be tolerated
  3. Be an adult, don’t intentionally try to annoy people
  4. Give each other space, don’t build right next to someone unless they agree to be your neighbor
  5. Have Fun, the happiness committee will be watching closely and will “correct” anyone not having a good time. Remember, we are always watching 🙂

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