Over30Clan – O30C

We are a community of dedicated passionate gamers who are, as you may expect from our name, cater specifically to 30+ year-old gamers.  We created this community to help bring together the older generation of gamers with common interests.  We are fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, we have kids, jobs and family commitments however the one thing we truly all have in common is the passion for video games which has been burning all our lives.

There are many communities out there that cater to the more serious gamers, expect time commitments and activity on an almost daily basis.  At the O30C we are organized, have weekly events, giveaways, cool contests but we do not require any commitments, you simply come and go as you please, we understand that gaming is not the most important thing in your life.

We grew up on Atari, Nintendo, DOS, Commadore64, Arcade and has witnessed the birth of the internet.  Gaming has been apart of our lives and we have seen some incredible advancements in technology and look forward to what the future might bring.

Q. Why does O30C restrict membership to 30 Years or Older?

A. The older generation of gamers are very un-represented in the gaming community.  Most of us have tried other younger, average age, communities and we just don’t quite fit in, either they expect more activity or we simply don’t have much in common.  We have nothing against younger gamers, we were once one of them, we simply want to spend time with people who share the same interests, have similar family commitments, and who we can relate to.

If you are Over 30, and looking for a place to call home in the gaming sphere.  Check us out at www.over30clan.com, create an account and apply.

About GamerViews

We are a large community of passionate gamers who are constantly trying new games, gadgets, accessories and have learned a few things along the way.  All blogs are community driven by members of the Over 30 Clan.

The gaming community lacks representation from the older generation of gamers and we plan to fill that ever large void with honest, upfront and to the point reviews.

How we review

All reviews are submitted by volunteers of the Over30Clan. We will always be open and honest about our experience. Members are free to post their honest opinions. Opinions expressed here are those of the individual author.

Review Policy

We are committed to the integrity of our reviews and will not accept product or payment in exchange for favorable reviews.  We will be upfront on how we acquired the products we review and will always be forthcoming and honest with our feedback.  Opinions expressed in each review are of the contributor(s) and reviewed by our editors before posting for formatting and grammar only.

If you would like an Over30Clan community member to review your product, gaming hardware or software please send email the editior at marketing@over30clan.com.