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Star Wars Squadron’s Review. Game demo turned best EA Star Wars Experience?

The game is a relatively below the radar release and priced as a Double A title game, or a triple A title with a massive lootbox revenue stream, we will see. I believe this was original developed as a game demo, hashed out just enough of the in game elements to see how it would fair with fans. All the final touches and detail are reserved for the in game elements, everything that is not directly part of the game experience is rough, not fully hashed out and feels a bit cheap, but that's ok. Here's why.

Surviving the Aftermath – Update 7 – Early Access Review

Surviving the Aftermath is a post apocalyptic, nuclear in nature, colony survival game with heavy emphasis on random encounters, events and gradual technology led progression. Yes, this is a concept that we are all very familiar with, many, many games have fallen into this style of raging nuclear devastation on a global scale and pulled at the cold war shoe strings of a begone era reminding us all that, in a blink of an eye, life can change.

The Witness Review

GamerViews give an overview of The Witness, 3D Puzzle game for Xbox and PC. it's basically up to you, your logic and curiosity. As you find your way around a beautiful island.

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